There are five things you want to look for when hiring a roofer or a roofing company to repair or install a roof. Your home’s roof is one of the biggest parts of the investment that you have in your home. It is important to take some time to research local experts before you hire anyone to work on this important part of your house. Check the following five things by doing research online and by asking neighbors and family for referrals.

1- Reputation

Find a local roofer with many years of experience in your area. If you only need someone to do a minor fix such as replacing a few asphalt shingles you can probably go with any roofer with decent online reviews. These roofers may be new to the business but that should not matter for such a minor repair.

When you need a new roof or you need a major repair, stick to hiring someone that has had an excellent reputation for many years. Experience can make all the difference in the quality of work you receive. For more information visit Dial One Roofing Portland.

2- Licensing and Insurance

Call and ask a roofing company for its license information. Also, you can often find this information on the company’s website. It is extremely important to work with a licensed roofer.

This is your assurance that they are in compliance with local codes and regulations with all the work that they perform. Be sure that they are insured as well. You can also get this information by calling and speaking with someone at the firm.

3- Employees

You want to work with a company that has its own employees. The reason is significant and here is why. Some companies will outsource jobs to subcontractors. These are other roofing contractors in your area who work for other companies or who are independent contractors. You are better off working with a company that will have its own employees doing the work. They are more likely to deliver consistency than sub-contractors because they are trained by that company and must follow their best practices.


Cheaper is not always better but neither is expensive. Of course, no one wants to spend a lot a roof repair or installation. However, there are price ranges that are normal for the work being done. Be sure that any company you consider can provide you with a quote that falls within a range that is acceptable for the job.

How can you tell what the price range is? There are online resources that disclose approximately how much a particular job will cost per square foot.

5- Work Quality

Check testimonials online. Ask to see photos of a company’s previous work. If you are referred by a neighbor, you can look at their roof to see how well the roofer did. Find a roofer that does great work and backs it up with a warranty.

Check these five things. By doing this you will hire a roofing company that will do the best job possible for a great price.

Warning Signs That You Need A Roof Replacement.

Is it time to replace or repair your roof? Most people decide to do so when they spot a leak in their house. However, there are many things that can tell you if it is time to repair or replace the roof. Below are some of the red flags to look out for. For even  more information or to ask a question to a roofing contractor, visit Roofingcontractorshub.com.


If you find that water is leaking from the roof and in different locations, then it could be time to replace it. Ensure that you check the attic regularly, especially after a massive storm and check for any signs of water penetration.

Paint Damage.

If the paint on your walls is peeling or there are blisters on the wall, then it is time to check the roof for replacement. Also, if there are swellings in the woodwork, it may mean that there is water pooling in these areas. You should investigate if you see any of these things on your walls.

Roof Valleys.

If you find that the roof shingles are missing, then it is a sign that you may need to replace your roof. Snow and rain flow into the roof valleys; hence, if it is not working as it should, you will be susceptible to getting leaks.

Roof Age.

A typical roof should last up to about 25 years. If yours is older than that, chances are that you need a new roof. It is good to know when they were put in place to see if they have finished their life cycle.

The Different Types Of Roofing Materials.

When you decide to replace your roof, you will need to choose a new roofing material. Below are some of them:

• Metal Roofs

They last up to around 60 years and come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

• Asphalt Shingles.

They are the most popular kind of roofing materials in the market because of their effectiveness in different weather conditions. They are very durable and quite Affordable.

• Clay And Concrete Tiles.

They are very durable and can withstand a lot of damage such as hurricanes, heavy winds and tornadoes. They are great for areas with warm and dry climates. They can be quite heavy; hence, they will need some support to bear the weight.

Determining whether you need a new roof can be daunting at first. However, with the above tips, you can be able to see whether you need a repair or a replacement, and what material better suits you.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance of a Roof Will Extend Its Life

Regularly inspecting your roof and carrying out any maintenance that it needs will result in greatly increasing the life of the roof. Roofing experts suggest that such inspections be carried out at least twice a year, and definitely after your roof has gone through a major storm.

The ideal time to inspect commercial roofs is before and after severe weather seasons. Extreme weather can cause damage to roofs and inspecting them keeps you prepared to deal with any damages that may occur. It can be of great help if this inspection is carried out systematically so that every part of the roof, and especially those that are vulnerable are looked at, assessed for damage and any required repairs or maintenance carried out.

Start your inspections from the inside of your home or building and look for signs of water damage, drips and leaks, water stains, peeling paint, and mold or mildew. Leaks can travel laterally, and the damage that needs repairs may not be directly over the spot where you find the leak. Trace the spot of the leak and repair the shingle or tile that has led to the leak. Mold or mildew must be cleaned as best as you can using the right products.

During your inspection of the roof, look for any signs of weathering or damage and any standing water if you have a flat roof. Tears or holes, deep scratches, and abrasions in membranes must be attended to immediately. Clean the roof thoroughly before you inspect its components, as dirt and debris can hide vulnerable spots from you. Clean out the gutters completely and test the gutter for its effectiveness in draining water. Correct any sagging or dips that collect water.

Flashings and expansion joints must be given extra attention as any problem with them can lead to leaks. Moss and mold are a sign of clogged drains and need to be cleaned after the obstructions are removed. There are many other components of a roof like skylights, chimneys, pipes and other equipment that also needs to be checked during inspections, and if any damage or wearing out is noticed, it must be repaired. Check supports of pipes and gutters and correct them if they are loose or causing any sagging.

If you have trees on your property, especially ones that are quite tall and grown up, your roof will probably always have leaves, twigs and even branches that get on the roof, especially if the tree overhangs the roof. Clean these regularly from the roof especially in the season when trees are shedding leaves. Leaving them unattended can lead to gutters getting choked and overflowing, resulting in damage to your walls under the eaves.

Your roof requires constant attention and maintenance if it has to perform well and last its full life span. If you cannot give this attention to it yourself, appoint a roofing agency to conduct the required inspections. These professionals will probably do a better job and enable you to have a roof that is free of defects and giving you all the protection that you need.

5 Keys To Hiring A Roofer

Every a part of the house is important. Your own home roofing might not be the first to be observed but without it, you’ll be uncovered to intense daylight and rain. When your own home is a minimum of 10 years previous, expect some minor repairs in roofing as it is attacked most by weather and tree pollens.

It is not enough to repaint it once in a while. There may be holes, unfastened joints and other damages that may solely be mounted by a professional roofer. As increasingly persons are transferring, many roofers have marketed their companies as a roofer. But, how will you already know that you have picked the best roofer? Listed here are some sensible tips.

Go for roofing contractors who’ve specialized in roofing for a few years. Naturally, those who haven’t stayed so long within the enterprise could not have the appropriate expertise to attract clients. They may not also have the right dedication to stay in the enterprise. Another way is to speak about alternative roof overlaying products. If he has plenty of expertise in roofing, he will never hesitate to provide you alternative products to make the repair less expensive.

Examine for organizations, previous clients and different teams who can testify the competence of a contractor on roofing. The National Roofing Contractors Association is an effective supply to search out out if a selected contractor has a license or not. Organizations have guidelines typically obliging a contractor to have the correct working ethics. Additionally, ask for telephone numbers and addresses of earlier clients. Name or go to them personally and allow them to comment in regards to the contractor’s output.

Rent contractors that can present the required documents that may show his worth. Within the checklist, embody the corporate’s legal responsibility policy, insurance coverage, and the town permit. Before beginning an undertaking, have your individual copy of these documents in your protection in case accidents occur or if a contractor did not full a specific project. Has every little thing written? All the time let you and the contractor signal a contract stating the venture cost, timely completion and its working hours.

All the time be confident in talking about the price of roofing to a prospective contractor. Ask his estimate on a given project and provides your remark about it. Let him a breakdown for the total value and ask if he may give you a discount. Some contractors may require a 10 percent deposit for the whole project. This is not a bad idea however, be careful and at all times examine the fame of a contractor.

Be explicit on the contractor’s managerial skills as well. An excellent contractor can resolve conflicts amongst his staff, is always in command and is determined in finishing a project. In the preliminary interview, ask him particular conditions the place conflicts come up and the way hey solved it. Additionally, research on the contractor’s background.

All the time brainstorm for potentialities in choosing a roofing contractor?. Be inquisitive on his previous initiatives on roofing. Also, contemplate different locations where you may look for better options. However, far states and cities may additionally mean an increase in their service fee and fuel allowance.

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